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at-tlsPeople often ask me, “why have you called your company The Little Squares? Are you thinking about pixels? Polaroids? Film stills? Or are you guys just impossibly and terribly uncool?” Well, although the answer to all of those questions is a definite yes, none are the actual reason.  The Little Squares, as a title, is not a statement of purpose, but rather, a descriptive prediction.

Most of the work you’ll see here is pure editorial. I have worked for most of my career so far at Italian and French Vogue both in the features and fashion offices, writing, editing, photographing and filming some of the most beautiful, timeless and intriguing cultural and pop cultural people, places and things of our time.

There are a few custom projects that include companies that hire us to turn our “fashionable” lens on them. Through film series and documentary photography, a brand can really tell its own compelling story. We have worked with many luxury and lifestyle brands in this way and with beautiful results.

The mix of video production and a constant examination of the media landscape allow us both in the commercial and editorial space to tell a more thoughtful and complete story where the words and images have both the same weight and the same voice.

So why are we called The Little Squares? Again, it is a prediction; that things like to naturally organize themselves that way. Content streams flowing would naturally tend to want to become little squares. Look at your phone, look at your screen. They are everywhere. As a design choice it’s completely unquestionably intuitive. As the web becomes too full of stuff moving at an ever speedier frequency, let be there order and let it be elegant. Let there be squares.

Debra Scherer, founder
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